, , , Rainbow Pigeons


Pigeons with a fountain rainbow in the background.

, , Frogs


, , Freshwater Turtles


My best guess these are freshwater turtles from the Trachemys Genus - Trachemys scripta (also known as the Pond Slider) or Chrysemys Genus - Chrysemys scripta elegans. If any one of you know better please leave a comment.

Samguns G20 firmware check/update


OK, all over the net every search leads me to the fact that the new Samsung GX firmware (Ver 1.03) was released. But I have one question. HOW DO I FIND OUT WHAT FIRMWARE I ALREADY HAVE INSTALLED ?! Sorry for the CAPS but it really drives me crazy. I've been searching through the camera menus to no avail. The only method so far is reading the EXIF of the photos. Still searching for a in-camera way ...
...and...after a while...
...just updated the firmware and the answer to my question was there. Just turn on the camera while keeping the Menu button pressed. If there's a firmware update on the memory card the update process starts. IF NOT, the current version is displayed on the LCD screen. Yeeey !!! No other info though, just "VER:1.03".

PS: "When the firmware is upgraded, all the camera settings are set to their default values" say the instructions.
> Well, not in my case. All my settings were kept intact which was great (spared me a couple of minutes and a lot of effort trying to remember my custom settings).