BMW Museum - Munich

The BMW museum in Munich - got to love it !!!

BMW Museum - MunichBMW Museum - MunichBMW Museum - MunichBMW Museum - MunichBMW Museum - MunichBMW Museum - MunichBMW Museum - Munich

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5 Responses to "BMW Museum - Munich"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for giving the information.I will meet there
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  2. Ivo Beutler Says:

    Whoa! These are some awesome rides! There's nothing like the Isetta from the 50's. It's like an old school yellow cab. Man, I wish I can fly to Munich right now.

    -Ivo Beutler

  3. Kerstin Shed Says:

    Looks at all these amazing shots! The BMW museum is, indeed, a car-lover's haven. Here, you can discover facts and trivia about the car manufacturer that influenced car history around the globe. That bike looks so rockstar-ish, by the way. :o)

    -Kerstin Shed

  4. Earlene Harps Says:

    Great car models! This Museum can bring out the enthusiasm of car lovers out there. I know what’s shown here is just the tip of the iceberg, how much more when you visit this site personally. You will be mesmerized by the cars manufactured by the said company. I believe that as time goes by, the ongoing prominence of BMW would be unstoppable.

    Earlene Harps

  5. Stelle Says:

    Why people really want BMW compared to other brands? Well, we already know the fame and good reputation of this car around the world. It is no wonder they even have their own museum because they are in the business way back since 1913. Well, this company continues to boom because more people still love and desire these cars.

    Stelle Courney

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