Pentax (Samsung) debug mode - noise reduction fix

UPDATE: Unfortunately the hot pixels can NOT be ignored when disabling the noise reduction, so unless you manually create a dark frame after the shot it's pretty much pointless. Proof, the following two images:

Samsung GX-20 noise (dark frame subtraction OFF)
Crop from a 30 seconds exposure of the night sky
Samsung GX-20 noise (dark frame subtraction OFF)
Crop from a "star trails" 1 hour exposure (hopeless indeed - the pink thingy isn't because of white balance :D, it's pure noise)

I've finally found a way (about an year ago but I was too lazy to post it here) to disable the forced noise reduction of my Samsung Gx20 camera - that I'd mentioned here. Many thanks to the guys from Pentax-hack.

As they say on their site, basically you have to create a text file in the root of the memory card (called "MODSET.454" for GX20 v1.01, v1.03), and enter the proper commands in the file ([DEBUG_MODE EN] Enables debug mode; [DEBUG_MODE DIS] Disables debug mode).

You will also need SYSPARAM.TXT file, in which various internal parameters are set (among which the ones related to noise reduction ;) ).
Here are the setting that I use:



For more info see:

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  1. nonya bizness Says:

    Hello there. Ive been trying to disable dark frame subtraction on a GX20 i have but im stumped!! the modset file ends in .txt and i cant get round this yet. Is there any chance you could email me the files you made to disable noise reduction to

  2. C.D.A. Photo Says:

    Hi, the files are listed exactly in the post...and as such there shouldn't be any modset.txt file, but a modset.454 as it says at (just rename the modset.txt to modset.454).If you still have problems, download the above mentioned files from here: (the link won't be available forever though ;) )

  3. Chris Says:

    Hiya, I have been having issues with my gx-20 too and I downloaded your files and it still isn't working. It takes a whole 23 seconds to process a 30 second photo and I would like to disable the forced nr to try and see what the difference is. I put the files on the root of my memory card and I have fw 1.03, but it just doesn't make any difference. When I added [OPEN_DEBUG_MENU] to the modset.454 file it didn't even open a debug menu, can you help please?

  4. C.D.A. Photo Says:

    Did you also try to "Turn camera on with MENU button pressed (or same with DELETE button)." or "leave flash door open then turning camera back on" ? For me it worked just by placing the 2 files in the root of the memory card.

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